Evaluation of high-level handball players in morphological characteristics and various motor abilities by playing position

N Oxyzoglou, D Hatzimanouil, C Iconomou, T Ioannidis, S Lazaridis, A Kanioglou, K Papadopoulos


The aim of this study was to evaluate handball players’ morphological characteristics and motor abilities by playing position. The sample consisted of 46 handball players, ages 18-21 from the national teams of Greece and former Yugoslavia and was divided into four subgroups corresponding to playing positions. From morphological characteristics body height, body mass, hand extension, biacromial distance and palm diameter were measured. Regarding motor abilities special tests were used for strength, speed and coordination. Kruskal-Wallis and Mann-Whitney U analyses were applied for the comparison of groups. The results revealed few differences between all four playing positions in almost all terms of morphological characteristics and motor abilities. Consequently there was homogeneity among players by different playing position with few exceptions.


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